There's no place like home

22nd October 2013
Having grown up in London I have an intimate knowledge of it's streets and places. I think that's why I feel so comfortable there. We always feel safe with the familiar and no matter how long we're away from certain places they stay with us, embedded, they are part of us. I often wonder what, or who I would be if I'd grown up elsewhere. Sounds strange doesn't it?

Well not when you really think about it. I know that my love of street art comes from having grown up there. The streets were grey and UK weather made them dismal. Seeing those brightly coloured walls and murals, the splashes of neon and crazy colours cheered up an otherwise harsh environment. Likewise I appreciate nature, because growing up in an urban area meant that seeing it was rare, unless you include "rats"... I have many fond memories of my sister and I feeding squirrels in Greenwich park on the daily walk home from school.

That takes me to my final point. Wherever you end up in life, no matter what the journey and how you start, home is not just where your heart is, it's where you feel comfortable. Home is the place where you can be yourself, find pleasure in the simplest of things and feel happy.

I love the fact that in London, weird is "normal". There's a cosmopolitan atmosphere where a greek cafe can sit comfortably next to indian restaurant. The people are warm, helpful and cheery. It's a fast moving buzzy place that excites the senses. Offering both culture and a strong identity, London is home.........
There's no place like home.

“Go where we may, rest where we will,
Eternal London haunts us still.”
― Thomas Moore.

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